domingo, abril 07, 2013

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Bernd Lucke interview: 'Why Germany has had enough of the euro':
The 50-year-old’s breakaway political party is the first to challenge the previously unassailable orthodoxy that Germany must stay in the eurozone. And his newly-formed movement, the Alternative For Germany, is hoping in general elections this September to tap into the 25 per cent of voters who say they could envisage Germany without the euro.
.. he makes no pretence to be a “man of the people” – indeed, he describes accusations that he is playing a “populist” card as a smear dreamt up by Left-wing academics.
But nonetheless, he is firm about the problems created by Europe, and convinced that in its current form, the European Union is fostering disunity, not harmony.

“The euro is not a currency under which the European project can prosper,” he said. “There is a division of Europe now and this is going to become bigger in the future, if we don’t stop this process and introduce more monetary flexibility for those countries who suffer the most.”

Is this a response to the northern European view that their work ethic is incompatible with that of the south?
“Yes,” he said firmly.

As such, Mr Lucke advocates a progressive “dissolution” of the eurozone ..

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