segunda-feira, abril 29, 2013

Society gunned down

Society Falls:
Gun control is not about guns. It is about control. The criminals have legalized their actions and use guns to do it. The main thrust of the need for common gun ownership is not simply to protect ourselves against petty thieves –only official ones. We mustn’t think of weapons as preventing tyranny in the future. They should be used –if there is any sense of justice left in this wicked world –as protecting against all crimes, both legal and illegal, both denounced and approved, conducted by all persons public and private, foreign and domestic.

Gun control is not some horizontal line that is crossed from freedom into despotism. Rather, it is a point on a vertical line, a long trail of abuses which have been in play for over a hundred years in this country.

It establishes little new authority. It only makes it easier and safer for a certain group of people –those in charge of society– to continue their plunder. How can we protect each other when a State-sanctioned theft occurs? Or a kidnapping (which has been improperly labeled as “wrongful arrest”)? Or perhaps this institution threatens to prevent a business from operating simply because that business expressed an opinion which those with guns do not like? How should we then protect ourselves? The State does not create community, it destroys it! Without the means to protect ourselves and our neighbor to systemic criminality, what will become of society?

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