terça-feira, abril 02, 2013

Symphony of Bureaucracy

From Heavy Metal to Heavy Industry:
For three decades, Bruce Dickinson has been an object of worship in the headbanging world of hard rock and heavy metal music. Last May, the Iron Maiden frontman became a hero to an entirely different crowd—namely, a political establishment desperate to claim industrial revival.
"Clearly aviation is a highly regulated industry, and it does take time for the wheels to grind," Mr. Dickinson says carefully ..

While governments like to tout their courtship of skilled manufacturing jobs, in practice "civil servants, on some level, are almost institutionally prejudiced against entrepreneurial activity and risk," Mr. Dickinson goes on. "Of course nobody wants to return to the dark ages, no one wants to return to fundamentally unsafe work practices." But he warns that overregulation and the burgeoning "health and safety thing" add up to "an industry that is eating itself, that has been created and is creating an entire industry which will eventually consume manufacturing and retailing."
The retort that lower taxes would fund less government is unlikely to go far with Mr. Dickinson, who says he "would cheerfully pay the amount of tax I do at the moment if I didn't pay it to the government."

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