sábado, abril 06, 2013

Taxing Future Generations Is Unethical

Taxing Future Generations For Present Luxury Is Unethical Taxation without Representation:
.. the real problem with this debt is that it will force future generations to pay for our decisions – something that is clearly unethical.
Fast-forwarding to present day, can a congressperson represent someone who has yet to exist? Can a congressperson represent someone who does not exist? Can a congressperson know the interests of the unborn? Of course not! A congressperson can guess what future generations will hold valuable, but the laws of space-time make it impossible for future constituents to communicate with today’s lawmakers. And yet, future generations are being taxed heavily, and without representation, through today’s deficit spending.
.. Is this not a form of slavery? Are we not forcing future generations to give us their money before they are even born?
.. those who will be paying higher taxes in the future (the younger workers of those future generations) will be relatively poor compared to their elderly, retired grandparents .. This kind of generational redistribution consists of taking from the poor to give to the rich.

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