terça-feira, abril 02, 2013

the criminal state

Viewing State Action the Same as Individual Action:
It is a curious phenomenon that misery, death and widespread destruction of property is mourned when it comes as the result of a natural disaster, or at the hands of a tyrannical foreign government, yet is callously disregarded when undertaken as part of the military pursuits of the United States government ..
One of the few people to publicly challenge this mindset is Ron Paul. Paul has attempted to teach Americans about a foreign policy based on the Golden Rule–that one should treat others as he would like others to treat him. Paul has used the hypothetical scenario of Chinese troops patrolling the streets of Texas under the auspices of "safety", "promoting democracy", and "protecting strategic interests". What, he asks, would Americans do in response to such a Chinese occupation? Although this kind of talk regularly elicits criticism from Republican and Democratic audiences alike, Paul says that many have expressed that this part of his message has been more enlightening than any other.
.. we must ask why .. criminal behavior such as that described in Rothbard’s example suddenly becomes not only justified, but glorified, when done by the state ..
Not until more people begin to apply the universal truths that govern our individual behavior to state officials will this barbaric tide recede. Until then, the world must continue to live under the moral code of the state, which says that killing is okay when done by the American government.

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