sexta-feira, abril 05, 2013

The Root is the State

The Root is Power por Kevin Carson:
Even when our overlords are sincerely humane, the goal (as explained by the farmer in Tolstoy’s parable) is to treat the livestock as kindly as possible — consistent with the primary goal of keeping us inside the fence and continuing to milk us. So long as the alternative is between the phony Reagan/Thatcher model of “free markets” versus New Deal liberalism or Social Democracy, I have no quarrel with those who take advantage of the opportunities the latter afford to make oppression more bearable. After all, in its essence the neoliberal model of “free markets” is as statist as state socialism — and I’ll take the form of oppression that weighs less heavily on my own neck.

But sooner or later, we need to look up from the tasty oat mash that nice farmer gave us and start thinking about how to break out of this fence.

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