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educação vs. ensino soviético

Who’s Afraid of School Profits?:
.. (Does it make sense to complain that other businesses are profiting “on the backs” of their paying customers?) ..
Those who denounce “profits” in education simply don’t understand the role of profits in a market .. profits (and, just as importantly, losses) provide valuable information .. :

In a capitalist economy, profits are the reward earned by firms that maximize the quality of services and goods, minimize overhead and bureaucracy, motivate their workers to achieve high and consistent levels of productivity, and avoid unnecessary expenditures. Successful firms sell better, cheaper, or better and cheaper products and services than do other firms. Customers notice, and business gradually shifts from inefficient to efficient firms. […]
In our existing education system, only the financially well-off can afford to live in the expensive districts with high-performing government schools or to pay for private schooling. Without school choice programs, low-income families are locked out of these markets. Instead, their only option is the local, assigned, government school. If I blogged for WaPo, I might say that these underperforming schools are built on “the backs of our nation’s most vulnerable children.”

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