sexta-feira, maio 31, 2013

I Do Not Care About Income or Wealth Inequality

Excerto de I Do Not Care About Income or Wealth Inequality por Don Boudreaux:
I care – very deeply – whether the process for pursuing one’s life’s goals is fair or not. I want everyone to have as fair a chance in the economy as is humanly possible. I despise special privileges that stack the deck either in favor of Jones or against Smith .. But I do not care about differences in monetary income or wealth as such.

If (by whatever criteria) the process is fair, then the outcomes are fair ..

.. Again, income differences can at best serve as evidence of a problem; the differences themselves – the income inequalities themselves – are not the core problem.

Worrying about income (or wealth) differences as such has always for me smacked of childishness. It’s envy elevated into public policy .. the very thought of fretting about how much money other people make relative to what I make has always seemed to me to be grossly impolite, anti-social, pointless, corrosive of one’s character, and in horribly bad taste ..

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