terça-feira, maio 28, 2013

Private Defense

No seguimento de Defense?, It’s Time for Private Defense por Douglas French:
The Hobbesian view is that without the state, men would be in a constant state of war with each other. It is argued that defense must be provided collectively. However, once the government becomes one big protection racket, it will have every incentive to become larger and larger.

Monopolists have no incentive to protect life and property, but have every incentive to provide the least amount of service for the most cost. Also, in a free market, those charged with protecting life and property would not spend resources aggressing against those engaging in peaceful transactions.

The state police force operates under political objectives. If drugs and vice are demonized and politicians see political advantage in arresting drug addicts and prostitutes, that’s where the priorities will lie.
Something as important as life and death can’t be left to the whims of government officials that prioritize assets for political considerations .. And while the state may get its pound of flesh .., there will be no restitution to the victims.

It’s time to allow the miracle of the marketplace to keep citizens safe and sound. Until then, the state remains .. accomplice while it imprisons thousands for victimless crimes.

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