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Privatize Everything

Privatize Almost Everything:
As a mental challenge, try to think of all of the governmental activities — federal, state and local — that could be privatized. Now, go a step further. Suppose you were required to develop a plan to privatize, or make self-supporting through user fees, nearly every activity of government. Could you or a group of your friends do it? Try it. I expect your success will surprise you.

The reason this is relevant is because most governments will reach their borrowing limits in the not-too-distant future, which means they will have to operate on current revenue from taxes and fees. Many governments have reached or are reaching their ability to increase taxes, and income-tax systems will begin to fall under their own weight. Governments will be forced to downsize and privatize — or private citizens and groups will just take over as they are increasingly doing because of failing government schools, for example.
.. if you are having trouble with the quiz at the beginning, you might wish to go the websites of major free-market think tanks, such as the Reason Foundation, Heritage Foundation, Competitive Enterprise Institute, American Enterprise Institute, and, of course, the Cato Institute, as well as the many excellent international, state and local think tanks. (The Atlas Economic Research Foundation has a comprehensive listing of most of the world’s free-market think tanks.) You will be amazed at how many examples you will find of successful privatization programs — of almost any traditional federal, state or local governmental activity — somewhere in the world.

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