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The Essence of Society Is Peacemaking

The Essence of Society Is Peacemaking por Lew Rockwell:
The recent opening of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity was a watershed moment in American history. There has never been anything quite like it. Ideologically diverse, the Ron Paul Institute reaches out to all Americans, and indeed to people all over the world, who find the spectrum of foreign-policy opinion in the United States to be unreasonably narrow. Until Ron Paul and his new institute, there was no resolutely anti-interventionist foreign-policy organization to be found.
At this historic moment, I thought it might be appropriate to set down some thoughts on war — a manifesto for peace, as it were.
  1. Our rulers are not a law unto themselves.
  2. Humanize the demonized.
  3. If we oppose aggression, let us oppose all aggression.
  4. Never use “we” when speaking of the government.
  5. War is not “good for the economy.”
  6. Support the free market? Then oppose war.
See through the propaganda. Stop empowering and enriching the state by cheering its wars. Set aside the television talking points. Look at the world anew, without the prejudices of the past, and without favoring your own government’s version of things. Be decent. Be human. Do not be deceived by the Joe Bidens, the John McCains, the Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons. Reject the biggest government program of them all. Peace builds. War destroys.

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