segunda-feira, maio 06, 2013

The New World Order

Embora eu não concorde com alguma filosofia por detrás deste manifesto...

The New World Order – A Personal Statement:
I believe in an open society, a civil society, a free society.

I believe that these things are not only good for the world, are not only possible, but are already happening. I hope, in some small way, to contribute this new world order–an order defined by its spontaneous nature, created by individuals pursuing and expressing their separate interests, together. This order evolves from bottom-up processes, and cannot be replicated by top-down hierarchies.

I believe this world is eminently worth fighting for, even if it sometimes feels like a rearguard defense. Over the long-term, we are winning this battle. But while I am rationally optimistic about our chances, victory is not inevitable. It is still possible for things to go spectacularly wrong, for the light of reason to dim or even wink out altogether in places, for the better angels of our nature to fall to the inner demons of our primate minds.

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