quarta-feira, junho 26, 2013

’end all taxpayer funding’ & hipocrisy

On Cheap Shots por Don Boudreaux:
.. If I could push a button to end all taxpayer funding of higher education, I would emphatically do so immediately, even if doing so meant the elimination of my job. No qualifications; no conditions; no transition period. I would end it all, now and unconditionally.
Is it hypocritical for people who believe that the use of petroleum will destroy the earth to drive or to ride in petroleum-powered automobiles and airplanes? To buy food from supermarkets and books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble if these retailers are supplied by trucks fueled with petroleum? To accept, in the midst of a heart attack, a ride to the hospital in a petroleum-powered ambulance? I actually don’t think so. I accuse such people not of hypocrisy but of obliviousness to the enormous benefits of modernity. Now you might accuse me of obliviousness to the enormous benefits of state intervention. That’d be an acceptable line of argument – unlike the unacceptable line of argument that, because I work at a state university, my arguments against state intervention should be ignored.
BTW, suppose that I – an employee of a state university – argued in favor of high taxes and state intervention. What is it about my status as a state employee that would give that argument more credence than is the credence accorded to my arguing against my narrow self-interest that society would be well served by a dramatic roll back of the role of government?

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