segunda-feira, junho 03, 2013

charlatan science

The Way Back por Dr. Vincent Gray, Wellington, NZ:
For over 30 years the world has been saturated with the environmental fallacy.

It has taken over the media; newspapers, radio, TV; the education system;, the schools, the universities.

It has led to a retreat from experimental and theoretical science.
Scientists now live on short term contracts, interspersed with press announcements which either scare the public or claims to have made world shattering discoveries, all in the aid of receiving the next grant.

The climate models that have been foisted on the public would have been rejected by all the journals I knew in 1940. They can only gain credence in an atmosphere where science education has been replaced by dogmatic endorsements of the pioneers, and, increasingly, of the charlatans who have taken science over.
.. There is still much to do before science and common sense can once again prevail.

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