segunda-feira, junho 24, 2013

Drug Policy Anarchy

Drug Policy Made Me An Anarch por Darryl W Perry:
I was shocked to learn that in the early 1900′s not only were marijuana, cocaine & heroin legal, but they could be ordered from the Sear’s catalog! .. “None of the drugs that are currently illegal became illegal before they were associated with what were commonly regarded as ‘deviate groups.’” And by “deviate groups” he of course meant, minorities. I was astounded to learn that marijuana was made illegal because of racism, yellow journalism and propaganda. Cocaine and heroin were made illegal for similar reasons.

I began to question how one substance (alcohol) required a Constitutional amendment to make illegal, while other substances (marijuana, cocaine & heroin) did not.
Seeing through the drug propaganda lifted a veil for me. I remember asking myself, “if I was lied to about the drug war, what else have I been told that was a lie?” Skepticism became my default position.
You have a right to consume any substance you wish, as long as you do not cause unjust harm to another person! The more I measured society by this traditional value the more the edifice of the government dissolved. We can’t have a government that supports this traditional value, because governments can only violate it.

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