sexta-feira, junho 28, 2013

Green nightmare

Obama: driving a green dagger into the heart of the American dream:
It promises another $2.7 billion for "Actionable Climate Science" (whatever that is) – almost all of which, we know from bitter previous experience, is going to end up in the sweaty palms of junk-science troughers in the tradition of Michael Mann and NASA's James Hansen rather than seekers-after-truth who genuinely care about the scientific method.
It will promote "Clean Coal" using a technology – Carbon Capture and Sequestration – which has not been tested successfully anywhere in the world, which is massively expensive, monstrously energy-inefficient and potentially quite stupendously dangerous.

It will give still more power to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a hard-left political organisation swarming with deep-green ideologues fully committed to reducing living standards, killing consumer freedoms and hamstringing business with ever-more-stringent, scientifically-ill-founded environmental regulations based on nothing more than the "precautionary principle."
Oh, and of course, it will create lots of "green jobs." The kind that so far has cost the US taxpayer up to $2 million per job in subsidies.

And more Solyndras. There'll be plenty more of those, too.

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