terça-feira, julho 02, 2013

destroying the monopoly over communication

Hayek (1945) on Why Network News Is Losing Control:
The World Wide Web is steadily destroying the monopoly over the airwaves, and it has just about destroyed the profitability of newspapers. This is a tremendous breakthrough for freedom in our time. It has broken the Progressives' 130-year control over public opinion.
Knowledge is decentralized. This decentralized system of knowledge is now being made available to the whole world. There are a billion people on Facebook. They share links to stories. These stories take longer than two minutes to read and evaluate. People may not read 12 different stories a day, but they read those stories that interest them, and which they can read in depth.

We are seeing the breakdown of the Progressives' control over the electorates of the West. They have possessed a government-granted monopoly since 1928 in the United States. All over the world, government-granted monopolies of control over radio spectrum are declining in political value. The spectrum is very valuable for other kinds of communications, but its value to the monopolists who are in bed with the federal government has declined for over a decade, and it will continue to decline.

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