quinta-feira, outubro 24, 2013

Citação Liberal do Dia

I've had a growing sense for several years that there is a new kind of libertarianism in the making, and it is crystallizing now. Faced with not only the utter failure of the state, the new libertarianism also recognizes the failure of politics too. As a result, they are taking the task of liberty into their own hands, forging new enterprises and innovating new strategies to build a new liberty outside official approval -- using the disruptive tools of entrepreneurship to cobble together new and innovative forms of exchange and social association. This libertarianism is at once radical but open to surprise, innovative but rooted in historical experience, dedicated but broad minded, learned but in a different way and using different means from what was possible in the past. These are the pioneers of a new time, the creators of a new and freer world.
Jeffrey Tucker

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