sábado, outubro 19, 2013

Fundo Mais Internacional Socialismo

FMI sugere imposto de 10% sobre a riqueza das famílias:
O FMI refere que "há uma quantidade surpreendentemente grande de experiência no desenho" de tais medidas..
IMF Discusses 'One-Off' Wealth Tax:
Apparently the IMF judges that stealing 10% of all private wealth in one fell swoop is perfectly fine as long as 'some see it as fair'. Some of course would. There is however a crucial difference between imposing such a levy at gunpoint and letting bondholders take losses. The latter have taken the risk of not getting repaid voluntarily. No-one forced them to buy government bonds.
As Franz Oppenheimer has pointed out, States are essentially the result of conquests by gangs of marauders who realized that operating a protection racket was far more profitable than simply grabbing everything that wasn't nailed down and making off with.
The particular wealth tax proposal mentioned by the IMF en passant is odious in the extreme, especially as the wealth to be taxed has already been taxed at what are historically stratospheric rates.

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