domingo, outubro 13, 2013

the violence of statism

Encouraging Signs por Butler Shaffer:
The meaning of “anarchy” is found in the word itself: one dictionary refers to “archy” as “rule” or “government.” “An” is a prefix that means “absent,” or “without.” Thus, “anarchy” means “without rule by government.” Since governments are generally defined as “agencies with a legal monopoly on the use of violence,” to defend government is, by definition, to advocate violence as the dominant means by which society is to be organized.

The anarchist philosophy rejects violence, precisely because coercion is a denial of the liberty of individuals to direct their own lives. It is the nature of all living beings to pursue their own ends; a purpose that requires no external force to accomplish. When violence is employed against another, it is an admission that life is being forced to do what it chooses not to do, or to refrain from doing what it chooses to do. Government – the monopolist of violence – is, therefore, organized and revered on the principle of being at war with the fundamental processes of life.
.. on a micro level (i.e., where ordinary people live their daily lives) peaceful relationships with others, and with respect for the inviolability of one another’s boundaries, are the norm. But the statists have no interest in individual purposes or behavior – other than as examples of deviance to be brought under their control – for theirs is a macro world; a universe of abstractions to be subjected to their management.

As statists pursue their accusations of what they insist on seeing as the violent motivations of anarchists, I respond as follows. “If I were desirous of employing violence as a means of accomplishing my purposes, I would not condemn the state, but would try to take it over! I would join you guys, who have created this destructive monstrosity and provided it with all kinds of tools of violence with which to subdue and control mankind.

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