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Anarchism: Two Kinds por Wendy McElroy:
.. American anarchism. Individualist anarchism, the indigenous form of the political philosophy, stands in rigorous opposition to attacking the person or property of individuals. The philosophy revolves around the "Sovereignty of the Individual"-- .. Whether you prefer the term 'self-ownership' or 'the non-invasion principle,' the core of the philosophy remains the same.
Left anarchism (socialist and communist) are foreign imports that flooded the country like cheap goods during the 19th century. Many of these anarchists (especially those escaping Russia) introduced lamentable traits into American radicalism. They believed in .. the use of violence as a political weapon and a form of political expression.

They also divided society into economic classes that were at war with each other. Those who made a profit from buying or selling were class criminals and their customers or employees were class victims. It did not matter if the exchanges were voluntary ones. Thus, left anarchists hated the free market as deeply as they hated the State.

By contrast, individualist anarchists demanded that all voluntary exchanges be tolerated, if not respected.
The historian Ralph Raico explains, "Today the term laissez faire has come to mean: leave the people alone, let them be, in their economic activities, in their religious affairs, in thought and culture, in the pursuit of fulfillment in their own lives." This is what the free market means to individualist anarchism.

Left and right anarchists could have united in non-violent protest against .. government oppression. But instead of smashing the State, left anarchists smashed the windows of shopkeepers ..

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