quinta-feira, novembro 21, 2013

Citação Liberal do Dia

It's funny how often people (left and right) who believe that the state is needed to accomplish this or that task (e.g. education, "nation building," helping the poor) accuse libertarians of being "naive" for thinking that markets and civil society can do better. It's funny because often these same people are shocked to discover that when the state tries to take up their particular cause, the state does so in ways that are overly costly, extremely bureaucratic, and out of step with what we might know actually works (e.g., the public schools). It seems to me that THEY are the naive ones.

After the 20th century, putting your faith in a benevolent, rational, efficient state is far more naive than trusting in, to use Hayek's phrase, the creative powers of a free civilization.

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