sábado, novembro 02, 2013

Language barriers to become a libertarian

How I Broke Through Language Boundaries and Became a Libertarian:
I would remember the words of Henry David Thoreau: “Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity!” Libertarianism can be introduced to the politically apathetic and those searching for their self-identity in a relatively simple and relate-able way. Obviously, political philosophy and policy can be complex, but don’t slap them with your memorized sections of Constitution of Liberty. Find a better way.

Libertarianism is in every person because people generally want to be free, protect their life and property, as well as voluntarily help themselves and others. All we have to do is find the words to remind people of that.

So cheers to the “crazy” ones and the political misfits searching for that perfect combination of linguistic sledgehammers to break down those barriers and cross the boundaries of communication to help others find their self-identity. It is possible to bring out the libertarian in everyone if you appreciate the nuances between individuals and understand that each person is going to have a different story or words with which they connect.

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