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The New Libertarianism

The New Libertarianism por Jeffrey Tucker:
.. among these libertarians, there is very little hope that political change is a viable option. What would be the mechanism of change? The two-party system? The trends in politics are inexorably worse, regardless of the promise. The trends in commercial life are toward progress every day. Which seems like the better path?
First, among these young people there is a vast openness to radical ideas that rethink the relationship that politics has to the world. Rejecting the old-style collectivism of the prevailing regime is only the beginning. What about anarchism? If the state is useless and decaying, anarchism becomes the operational intellectual tableau through which to understand the world. This is a contrast to previous generations who romanticized about some mythical past of freedom as guarded by a constitutional state.

As the hope that the state can ever purify itself has faded, a new hope in freedom has emerged.
.. It’s finally dawning on libertarians that they have no model to impose on the world, no preset formula to improve society, and, therefore, no strict dogmas on how things should or should not work in a world of freedom. The point is to free themselves and the whole of society from the shackles of statism and regimentation to allow for experimentation, evolution, and trial and error—an agenda that stems from the conviction that only a free people can discover the right path forward for themselves.
It is a gigantic departure from the darkness of the past and a new paradigm for the future. It reflects a confidence that liberty is right and effective, not only as a political philosophy, but also as a personal principle that helps us achieve new heights of personal accomplishment and well-being.

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