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A Referendum for Catalonia por Artur Mas:
On Sept. 11, 2012, Catalonia’s national day, about 1.5 million people marched through Barcelona carrying banners saying “Catalonia, Europe’s Next State.” The march was a peaceful expression of hope. Today, with the same purpose, hundreds of thousands of people will form a human chain across Catalonia.
We do not seek to isolate ourselves. Catalans are deeply pro-European and we do not imagine a future outside the European Union. Catalonia would have the eighth largest economy in the union and would be a net contributor to its budgets. We would be a solid European Union partner for strengthened political unity, security strength and economic growth.

We also seek no harm to Spain. We are bound together by geography, history and our people, as more than 40 percent of Catalonia’s population came from other parts of Spain or has close family ties. We want to be Spain’s brother, as equal partners. It goes beyond money or cultural differences. We seek the right to have more control over our economy, our politics, our social services.

Diada: El 52% de los catalanes está a favor de la independencia:
El dato más contundente, sin embargo, es el de los catalanes partidarios de permitir un referéndum. Ocho de cada diez catalanes se muestran partidarios de que Catalunya, o cualquier comunidad, pueda celebrar una consulta para manifestarse sobre si quiere continuar formando parte de España o no.

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