terça-feira, janeiro 28, 2014

Citação Liberal do Dia

The world is infested by armed gangs that call themselves governments. These people presume that they have a right to order us around, to take our money and other property as they please, and to make our lives as miserable as their interest and caprice dictate. Their numerous victims, unfortunately, often accept these preposterous presumptions as natural and proper. The development of this absurd situation goes back for millennia, and along the way many philosophers and others have offered various rationales for what is, on its face, a stupid and destructive arrangement of human affairs. Whatever the proffered explanations and rationales, however, most people accept the situation out of nothing but habit: it existed when they came into the world, and they never stumbled across any pressing reason to question or challenge it. Yet, very little serious thought is required to grasp its many absurdities and to become perplexed that human beings ever allowed themselves to submit so meekly to their own degradation and exploitation by the minority political class that composes the governments, their cronies, and their accomplices.
Robert Higgs

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