quarta-feira, janeiro 29, 2014

Citação Liberal do Dia

Wealth does not exist naturally; it does not rain down from the skies or bubble up from the ground. It is, as it has always been, a flow of consumable stuff that is created by human ingenuity, enterprise, and effort. Some people – again as always – do succeed in stealing wealth from others. But all wealth must first be created before it can be stolen or used and enjoyed honestly. Wealth in the vast quantities that we moderns enjoy it – quantities so vast that we moderns mostly take our prosperity for granted, mistaking it for being rather like gravity or breathable air – must be created and produced, all through incalculably huge and ceaseless outpourings of enterprise and effort. Such wealth can’t possibly have all, or even mostly, been stolen or ‘expropriated’ unjustly. Not even close.
Deirdre McCloskey

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