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Polícias e Ladrões

Police, the Good Guys por Lujan Sterlin:
Our society implants us with the myth of police as heroes, as tireless protectors and servers of the people. The idea of police as the good guys permeates culture; television networks air shows that glorify them; Hollywood deifies them through film; educators condition our dependence on them, urge us to call on them for aid, settle disputes, and to tattle and snitch on bad guys. We imagine chaos without them. We envision the collapse of society, hallucinate rampant vigilante justice, and experience constant fear when we ponder a world without them.

But in truth, cops fail to serve and protect. They cause more violence and chaos than they prevent. Police duty relies on obeying political doctrine, even if doctrine undermines the protection-and-service belief. Furthermore, police adhere to “law” regardless of situation, and without considering objective circumstances. They simply act. They rush in. They violate. They blindly follow orders to harass and assault and cage people – even if the reasons for doing this resemble utmost stupidity and immorality. In essence, the police “service” and “protection” attitude equates to a schizophrenic, social superstition.
.. we think that police maintain order and peace by caging criminals. The police do apprehend and detain evil doers, but the majority of criminal activity involves nonviolent consent between people. These are the individuals who smoke plants; eat pills; make love with strangers for payment; make love with family members; who gamble with their personal money; or who sell lemonade without a permit. Where we may dislike these behaviors and tastes, people who behave in these ways do so privately, without harming anyone. One statistic from The Sentencing Project clarifies how many decent people the police lock up. The site states: “Nearly three-fourths (72.1%) of the population are non-violent offenders with no history of violence.”

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