quarta-feira, janeiro 29, 2014

Power, Arrogance, Incompetence

Infinite Arrogance, Infinite Incompetence por Fred Reed:
Oh lord. Oh lord. Can the government do anything right? There is no evidence for it. None. Everything it touches turns to grotesque failure ..
Nothing works, government-wise. Ponder health care ..
The War on Drugs ..
Race relations ..
Open borders ..
The military ..
Economic policy ..
Constitutional government ..
Unfettered surveillance of absolutely everything, militarized police, the military as private presidential army, searches without probable or indeed any cause, photo ID required to buy train tickets, on and on.
Perhaps worse, the endless regulation ..
When a central government has unlimited powers, as Washington for practical purposes now does, the effect is to disenfranchise the rest of the country ..

Having power over every aspect of everybody’s life centralized in Washington means that any lobby, meaning self-interested predatory wallets, can pay Congress, venal by disposition, to enact any law the lobby chooses ..
I can’t stand it. Yes, I know, I am weak and lack moral character. It is shameful. But as I reflect on the stupid, corrupt, lunatic, and evil mass of brainless, half-assed dirtballs that run us, my only thought is to call for an air-drop of Padre Kino and an intravenous line. Drugs will get you through times of no government better than government will get your through times of no drugs. That’s just common sense.

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