segunda-feira, fevereiro 10, 2014

Socialismo vs. Civismo

Civility, Socialism and the Governor por David Deming:
Because the distribution of resources by political means is a zero sum game, the logic of a socialist system demands the destruction of a political enemy. There is no reward for cooperation or compromise. If your political opponent benefits, you lose. Thus there is “no place” for people who disagree with you .. When competing groups seek to destroy each other the strongest ultimately prevails. If socialism is allowed to proceed to its logical conclusion it necessarily culminates in a military dictatorship.

In contrast, a market economy based on voluntary transactions promotes civility. People engage in free economic exchanges only when they believe it is to their benefit to do so. If I believe my interaction with you is beneficial, it is also to my advantage to remain on good terms with you. There is a place for everyone in a capitalistic system. I may disagree with you, but you represent no threat to me if you do not have the power to take my property. Thus capitalism engenders not just prosperity, but also toleration and political freedom.

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