quinta-feira, abril 17, 2014

heinous criminals

Robert Higgs (FB):
To look at these people, you'd hardly suspect that they are the most heinous criminals, that some of them have sent subordinates to murder thousands of innocent men, women, and children; that some have overseen the kidnapping of millions of Americans who have violated no one's just rights; that some have subordinates who routinely bully and threaten sick and dying people by withholding from them medicines, treatments, and medical devices that might save their lives or diminish their suffering; that some oversee subordinates who enforce rules that keep millions of persons out of gainful employment; that some oversee subordinates who extort trillions of dollars from people who have done nothing to deserve such plunder -- and that every one of them lives by receiving extorted money.

To the naked eye, these capi di tutti capi seem to be well-scrubbed, well-dressed, middle-class, inoffensive, and even affable people, as different as anyone can imagine from the thugs who lurk on city street corners menacing passers-by with ominous glares and taunting catcalls. Yet their criminality is many orders of magnitude greater than that of the common urban miscreant. The greatest criminals know how to conceal their true character and, much more important, how to misrepresent -- indeed, to turn upside down -- the nature of their true roles in society.

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