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Klaus + Ukraine

The Václav Klaus Institute's public statement on the situation in the Ukraine
The Václav Klaus Institute Public Statement on the Situation in the Ukraine no. 2: Let’s Not Trivialize the Situation by One-Sided Interpretations

The Carefully Organized Separation of Czechoslovakia as an Example How to Peacefully Solve a Nation State Problem:
The Slovaks wanted to be alone. They wanted to have a sovereign state, not to be just part of Czechoslovakia, and the Czechs accepted that they did not have the right to block such an ambition. This was absolutely crucial. We both understood that the split had to be done quickly, friendly and generously, that there had to be simple macro-rules for dividing all kinds of common assets and liabilities, and that we had to do it ourselves, without letting foreigners to quasi-help us, which means to intervene .. what we carried out in Czechoslovakia two decades ago was a voluntary and organized separation.

Let's start a real Ukrainian debate:
After twenty years of independence, Ukraine is a divided country on the threshold of economic bankruptcy. It is home to two nations with different and probably antagonistic visions of the future, two nations growing apart every day. Both these nations look up to the world outside with unrealistic expectations – one to the West, the other to Russia.

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