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How Would an Anarcho-Capitalist Society Repel Invasion?

How Would an Anarcho-Capitalist Society Repel Invasion?:
.. convince a mere 5% of a population that it is moral and just and practical to use violence to defend against the domestic government .. the basic premise being that if the average cop writes 10 tickets a day, then when 5% of the population feels this way, a cop will run into one of these people at least every other day. This would make the price of being a police officer certain death. They literally would not survive one week at work, and everyone would know it. Once that was the case, the police would stop showing up for work ..

Without police, the edicts of politicians become meaningless ..
We can expect a fair amount of looting from police stations, military bases, and munitions depots to have been done during the transition. Naturally, the protection agencies will seek out these tools to provide a sense of security to their clients, and within a matter of days we could expect security forces to be in possession of real military hardware.
Among other things, what separates the protection agencies from government is competition .. Statists instead envision warfare between the agencies, chaos, disorder, and mayhem.
Engaging needlessly in warfare is not a sustainable business model. Those weapons are expensive .. Those bombs are assets. If he drops them on his competitor, the asset is destroyed and is costly to replace. It also provokes the competitor to fight back, which will cause more assets to be destroyed, more men to be lost, and while those two competitors are out killing each other, the next competitor who remained peaceful, can come in and offer both their clients cheaper services ..

The State by comparison is incentivized to warfare. Warfare unites a nation behind its leaders. War propaganda becomes a political tool that helps keep incumbents in office. Warfare is an excuse to raise taxes, inflate currency, and run deficits, none of which are things a market entity seeks to engage in.

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