segunda-feira, maio 05, 2014

Markets Are About Much More Than Material Goods

Markets Are About Much More Than Material Goods:
Freedom’s massive expansion of productivity allows people to release far more time and effort for pursuing ultimate goods, making freedom a complement to, rather than a substitute for, attaining ultimate ends. Freedom further requires that the pursuit of one’s ends must at the same time expand others’ freedom to pursue their ends, while coercive alternatives contract that ability for others.

Freedom allows people to learn from others’ examples to discover what will work better in advancing their ultimate ends and offers individuals the maximum potential for moral growth. It rewards responsibility and is the only system consistent with the imperative that “you shall not steal.”

Freedom-enabled bursts of productivity and wealth creation have led to consequent outbursts of creativity and learning, improved health and humanitarian advances. It is also more likely that the persistent denial of the fruits of one’s labor to individuals in unfree systems, and not the greater output potential that freedom provides, that makes people, of necessity, far more materialistic.

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