quarta-feira, maio 14, 2014

O Papa anticapitalista

A propósito deste vómito económico, e moral - Pope Francis Calls For 'Legitimate Redistribution' Of Wealth To The Poor

Sorry, Pope Francis: Poverty, Not Inequality, Is the Source of Social Evil:
.. the scarcity of wealth elevates its social importance, making it a far more important metric for judging people. Since abject poverty has been more or less eliminated in America, wealth itself has become more of a lifestyle choice. Americans often opt to not realize their full earning potential—becoming journalists instead of doctors; professors instead of lawyers; writers instead of accountants—living more modest lifestyles as a result. They do so not because they are losers, but because they cherish some other value—their calling, leisure or family time, intellectual/artistic/spiritual pursuits—over extra income.

All of this generates an ethos that recognizes that there are metrics of success other than money, tempering the pathologies of wealth in wealthy countries. This is one reason why America's rich are far more apologetic—and less flamboyant—than their more in-your-face Indian counterparts.

The Pope needs to bear in mind that not all inequalities are equal: Inequality that stems from prosperity isn't nearly as big a problem as that resulting from poverty. Wealth, paradoxically, can be its own antidote.

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