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What Separatism Means por Michael S. Rozeff:
As people at large become disillusioned with the deterioration going on, with the immense debts being generated, with the static or declining living standards, with the injustice and corruption when government diverts from its basic announced duties, in other words as the abuses grow into a long train of abuses, the idea of separatism grows. This is when secession movements, breakaway movements and separatist movements arise. It is because of the thwarting of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which is the by-product and sometimes even the aim of the ruling class bureaucracies and nomenklaturae. Cruelty, wickedness, folly, waste, stupidity, injustice, extravagance, inefficiency, idiocy – all stemming from government by an insulated ruling class or a nomenklatura that controls the levers of power, give rise to separatism, rebellions, riots, and revolutions.

Separatism means that a group of people are frustrated and unhappy with the existing political arrangements.
I see no option except to live and let live, to mind one’s own business, to respect the rights of others to live as they see fit, and to allow for a friendly competition of many different social groups and arrangements; and if this view is mistaken and leads to worse outcomes, to seek how to correct it. Let each man freely choose his own society and government.

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