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I Hate The State

I Hate The State por Christopher Cantwell:
.. I hate the State. I would hate it even if it actually accomplished all its noble sounding purported purposes ..
The State .. has done an amazing job of convincing the masses that it is a just and noble institution. It has made its victims dependent upon their oppressors. It has killed, destroyed, and sabotaged, with amazing efficiency. It is not malfunctioning, this is its design. The misery, death, and deception of the State are not bugs, they are features.

This is the only rational explanation for such a long and sordid history of carnage. No rational thought process could lead one to believe that a group of people built mass stockpiles of weapons, hired mercenaries, and sent them off to murder innocent people, by accident. When every real or perceived action of a foreign entity is deemed a threat to the national interest, the only conclusion one can reach is that war is the goal. There is no logical analysis of the tax code that could lead one to believe it became impossible to understand through some series of mistakes. When laws are so numerous, frivolous, and complicated, that an average, honest person is committing three felonies a day, the only conclusion one can reach is that the State wants everyone to be subject to their victimization. When a “war on poverty” starts, and a gradual lessening of poverty ends, and the course does not change, the only logical deduction is that a decrease in poverty was undesirable.

The fact that those who rob, kidnap, and murder, tell the people they rob, kidnap, and kill, that their intentions are noble, has no bearing. That people believe this obvious falsehood, is equally irrelevant. Those in the organized crime business rarely tell the truth about their intentions, and calling it “the public sector” does nothing to change this. We all know that politicians lie. We all know that the more efficient liar wins the election, and that when said election is won, he will use this advantage to do ill to human society. That this would go on for thousands of years resulting in hundreds of millions of violent deaths, and immeasurable economic calamity, all without any meaningful improvement, demonstrates not ineptitude, but malice.

I would not attempt to reason with chainsaw wielding men in hockey masks. I would not attempt to love a rapist into giving up his need to victimize women. I would not join the mafia in hopes of lessening their theft and murder rates. In none of these cases would I accept their assurances of noble intentions as valid excuses for their violence. I would treat them as that which they are, malicious threats to my safety and the safety of those I care about. The State is no different.

So I hate the State, root and branch, and I question the sanity of those who do not.

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