quarta-feira, agosto 20, 2014

Citação Liberal do Dia

The trouble with trying to deprogram people out of an irrational, faith-based superstition (such as statism) is that there is an endless supply of completely irrational and bogus "arguments" they can use to cling to their indoctrination. For example, on a regular basis I hear statists proclaim that libertarianism/anarchism/voluntaryism means "every man for himself." There isn't the slightest shred of a logical excuse to conclude that; they believe it ONLY as a psychological reflex excuse to not THINK at all. They desperately want some cop-out, however irrelevant and unfounded, so they don't have to THINK about actual concepts.

1) "I think it's bad to attack people who haven't hurt anyone."
2) "Oh, so you think everyone should just live in a cabin in the woods like a hermit?"

Sorry, but if you think #2 is a rational response to #1, you're just a well-trained doofus. And to have to rationally explain how #2 doesn't follow from #1 is pretty damn pathetic. "No, the fact that I don't want people VIOLENTLY ATTACKING each other doesn't mean I don't want people organizing and cooperating." This is a fine example of why I say that, while humanity is hugely advanced in various aspects of science, most of "us" are three-year-olds when it comes to thinking about even basic principles of morality and philosophy.

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