domingo, agosto 24, 2014

de-police-ify our communities

We Need Cops Like Mike Brown Needed a Hole in the Head:
To understand the interest that the police has in public security, one must understand the nature of the state itself. The state is not an agent of the public, commissioned to provide security; that is just the cover story. The state is, as Albert Jay Nock put it, a “monopoly of crime.” Its whole function is to systematically coerce (“regulate”) and plunder (“tax”) the public. It only combats other coercers and plunderers because it simply doesn’t want the competition. It is a band of big-time criminals that, when it kills or imprisons small-time criminals, is essentially saying, “Back off: this is my turf, and those are my victims.”
This explains why the criminal “justice” system hardly provides any actual protection or restitution for victims, but only neutralizes its competition by throwing non-state criminals in a cage (which only makes it harder for their victims to obtain restitution from them) ..
.. how do you feel when you see a cop on the road? Do you suddenly feel more “secure”? Not really, right? .. you know you are less secure in your person and property: the very things cops are alleged to make secure.
Even when they restrict themselves to executing the law, most of what cops do is trample on the rights of their fellow man. That is because most laws that are on the books are completely unjust. All mandates of behavior and prohibitions of any activity that does not directly violate someone else’s person or property are fundamentally unjust ..

The police not only fail to provide and directly threaten security, but many of the ways in which they threaten it corrosively undermines security by systematically making it harder for individuals to provide it for themselves ..
The police are antithetical to peace and security; they don’t provide it, they directly attack it, and they undermine it ..
There has been a lot of talk of “demilitarizing” the police, but again, the whole function of the police is and has always been to serve as an extractive military occupation ..

Rather than demilitarizing the police, we should de-police-ify our communities .. Only then will we be free.

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