domingo, agosto 24, 2014

Minarchism Found Dead

Minarchism Found Dead at Ferguson por Jeffrey Tucker:
As incredible as it seems, the bourgeoisie seem to be turning against the police ..
.. The police are the “thin blue line,” long perceived as the most essential and irreplaceable function of the state. This perception is now under pressure from public opinion, and this joins a shift in intellectual opinion that has been developing for decades.
The police power has pushed and pushed for decades: more power, more personnel, more weapons. Even as public opinion has turned against many other “services” offered by government, there has been no push back regarding police ..
Step back and ask the fundamental question: why is the state necessary? Why do we have to pay all these taxes? Why must we constantly defer to its power? Why must we adore its leaders and pay homage to those who die for it and raise our children to adore its history and works? What is the point of this gigantic contraption that lives in our midst and at our expense?
.. The roots of the modern state dating to the era of the Enlightenment — the 18th century — postulate that the whole function of the state is to provide security for person and property. This is the basis of its legitimacy .. It’s supposed to be a “night watchman.” Once it does that, it can and will do other things but this is the reason for its existence.
Security is not the most essential function of the state; it is the most dangerous one, the very one that we should never concede lest we lose all our freedom. The night watchman is the biggest threat we face because it is he who holds the gun and he who pulls the trigger should we ever decide to escape.
.. If the conviction that the state cannot even perform its most “essential” functions at net benefit to us evaporates, the rest of the great services that the state provides comes into question too.
We live in times of radical disenchantment with the state. Its welfare state, its drug war, its educational institutions, its energy and transportation infrastructure, its monetary policy, its wars and regulations, its courts and jails — none of it lives up to its promise. The costs exceed the benefits for all of us. And now the police too are a net drain, even a threat? Yes.

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