domingo, agosto 24, 2014

Room 101, Europe

Europe: A Union of Common Censorship:
For once Brussels has unified Europe, albeit by marrying Kafka with Orwell in a modern day Ministry of Truth.
Freedom is fundamental to prosperity. Those who cherish freedom most are often those who have not always enjoyed it. Thus the souls whose lives were blighted by Communist totalitarianism often rejoice at the simplest pleasures, even 25 years after the evils of the system were unraveled across Europe. Their joy in being able to travel has been hugely enhanced by that core Western value - freedom. Unfortunately, just as the European Union appears to have forgotten how to create prosperity, so, too, it seems to have gone somewhat patchy on the notion of freedom.
The latest political insanity comes from meddlesome Brussels bigots and their judicial cousins at the European Court of Justice, or the liberal loonies of Luxembourg as they deserve to be named. The phrase Orwellian is often overused but here it is justified after the ECJ upheld the utterly daft “right to be forgotten.”
.. Thus they have surpassed even the Soviet era with their censorship! As ever failing to understand the digital world, this crackdown on free speech is probably unenforceable in the long-term. Meanwhile, the EU has again demonstrated that it’s overweeningly Stalinist, all while proclaiming adherence to democracy and freedom - neither of which virtues it practices despite its histrionic preaching.

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