sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2014

Citação Liberal do Dia

Robert Higgs:
Suppose I said, murder is wrong and I advocate that people stop committing murder or supporting those who do commit it. Now, sure enough, along comes someone to tell me how utopian and impractical I am, pointing out that historically murder has always been committed everywhere that humans have lived together. Clearly murder has demonstrated its social superiority as a form of social behavior. Murder has revealed itself as the "fittest" sort of behavior in the evolutionary shakeout.

Do you accept this argument about murder? If not, why do you accept it when we substitute "the state or a similar ruling organization" for "murder"?

Why I support anarchy is really an utterly simply matter: I'm opposed to genuine crime. The state is a criminal organization, and I therefore oppose it. Telling me that states have always existed or that nonstate alternatives would not be viable in competition with states does not dissuade me one bit. I'm still opposed to criminal actions -- you know, theft, extortion, murder, kidnapping, and all the other criminal actions the state takes to sustain itself.

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