quinta-feira, setembro 18, 2014

O Papa anticapitalista

Should the Pope Excommunicate All Catholic Politicians (and His Fellow Jesuits?) por Thomas DiLorenzo:
Pope Francis recently excommunicated (i.e., kicked out of the Catholic Church) all members of the Italian Mafia, denouncing their “evil ways” as an affront to God. If he was consistent, however, he would similarly condemn and excommunicate all Catholic politicians and their networks of big-government worshipping Catholic political activists, among the most prominent of which are his fellow Jesuits. Politics is many orders of magnitude more evil and immoral than the Mafia or any other “private” criminal gang.
Politicians are natural criminals .. In order to finance their campaigns for election they must promise to steal money from those who have earned it and give it to others who have no moral right to it. They are inveterate liars, as everyone knows, since they all make campaign promises that they know they could never keep. The most successful among them are those who are the least hindered by strong moral principles opposed to lying and stealing and confiscating their fellow citizens’ property.
Theft, intimidation, threats, censorship, imprisonment, and murder are all defining characteristics of the state and statists. It is fine that Pope Francis has excommunicated the Mafia, but he actually supports and promotes far more sin and evil in the world with his Jesuit-inspired views of welfare statism and his incoherent and uneducated denunciations of peaceful exchange among consenting adults through the benefit of the international division of labor (i.e., capitalism).

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