quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2014

the State is a death cult

Brittany Maynard – Suicide Advocate Who Walked The Walk:
When assisted suicide is made illegal, it of course doesn’t prevent a person from ending their own life. It only makes the process more frightening, lonely, and potentially tragic. I personally find it hysterical that in my home state of New Hampshire, I am welcome to carry a handgun without a permit, which nobody could realistically stop me from using to evacuate my skull. If I were to get a suicide pill from a doctor on the other hand, we’d both be facing prosecution.

The former option makes a horrific mess, a loud noise, risks others being injured by a passing bullet or skull fragments, rules out an open casket, and could even leave me still living with severe brain damage, a burden to my family and society.

In the latter option, the only risk, is the State.
The State has no regard for life, as it is itself a death cult. The State will end your life without your consent simply for being disobedient. Surely they care not if you die willingly. It is not their veneration for life, but their lust for suffering that inspires these laws.

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