segunda-feira, dezembro 22, 2014

Morte por Estado

Don’t support laws you are not willing to kill to enforce:
Some critics of police misconduct implicitly assume that we can have our law enforcement cake and eat it too. They believe that we can simultaneously have police enforce thousands of petty laws and regulations, yet also extirpate .. excessive use of force to such an extent that police abuse of civilians will no longer be a serious problem.
But even if we make substantial progress on these fronts, a society where almost everyone is a criminal will still be a society where the sheer number of hostile interactions between police and civilians will be very large, which in turn ensures that there will be considerable room for abuse.
.. we should always remember that “[e]very new law requires enforcement; every act of enforcement includes the possibility of violence.” If we really want to curb police abuses, we should think carefully about whether all the laws we have on the books are really worth killing for.

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