sexta-feira, março 13, 2015

Economia aplicada

We Can Predict The Effects Of Seattle's $15 An Hour Minimum Wage (Março 2014):
So that’s what we would expect from this rise in the Seattle minimum wage to $15 an hour. Some rise in unemployment. A much larger rise in high school graduate unemployment relative to the general unemployment rate. And a significant reduction in the job related benefits that workers receive.
More Seattle restaurants close doors as $15 minimum wage approaches (Março 2015):
Restaurant owners, expecting to operate on thinner margins, have tried to adapt in several ways including “higher menu prices, cheaper, lower-quality ingredients, reduced opening times, and cutting work hours and firing workers,” .. when these strategies are not enough, businesses close, “workers lose their jobs and the neighborhood loses a prized amenity.”
“ .. fewer people will be able to afford to dine out, and as a result there will be fewer great restaurants to enjoy. People probably won’t notice when some restaurant workers lose their jobs, but as prices rise and some neighborhood businesses close, the quality of life in urban Seattle will become a little bit poorer.”

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