sábado, março 14, 2015

Five Lessons Learned from the Scottish Referendum

Five Lessons Learned from the Scottish Referendum:
Lesson 1: Global Elites Greatly Fear Secession and Decentralization
Lesson 2: Secession Movements Will Demand a Vote
Lesson 3: American Ideas about Secession Are Unsophisticated and Parochial
Lesson 4: Secession is a good way to bargain
Lesson 5: Centralization is Unnecessary for Economic Success
Some British newspapers have declared that “the dream is over” for Scottish independence. That seems hardly likely, unless by “over,” the newspapers mean “over for the next few years.” Europe-wide, the drive for more regional independence and autonomy will only continue to grow as economies stagnate, and as elites from Brussels or Rome or Madrid continue to maintain that they know best. Eventually, the promises of the centralizers will fall on very deaf ears.

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