domingo, março 15, 2015

nationalism is no answer to failed multiculturalism

Sorry, Nigel Farage, Judeo-Christian nationalism is no answer to failed multiculturalism:
While Farage is correct to point out that state-sponsored multiculturalism creates an array of tensions and potential problems, he is completely wrong to suggest that using the power of the state to create a “Judeo-Christian” monoculture is the correct solution. Instead, Farage should recognise that it’s a mistake to think that governments can or should deliberately promote any sort of culture at all.

As the past few decades have shown, state-sponsored multiculturalism is not the proper or helpful role of Western, democratic governments. Policies of this kind have created a rift in British society, causing the progressive values of minority protection and egalitarianism to collide with the classical liberal values of free speech, choice, and toleration.

The best thing that Britain can do is take a step back from the culture wars and recognize that civil society should take the lead in answering what culture should look like.

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