sábado, março 14, 2015


For all the liberty lovers out there who feel powerless and their efforts meaningless, I remind them of the wonder, the awe inspiring power of human cooperation and spontaneous order..

Despite the best efforts of the greatest libertarian thinkers of the 20th century, the state has remained unyielding in its domination .. Now what are we gonna do with it? .. I implore you to channel your inner Ludwig von Mises and repeat his famous quote “Tu Ne Cede Malis,” meaning “Do Not Give in to Evil.” If we want to gain any ground against statism we need to remember three things:
1. Remain Stoic ..
2. Be Positive ..
3. Have Fun ..
This is Pizzatarianism. You see, pizza is the most libertarian of all foods. Pizza, like human freedom, has no limitations ..

Pizza is the epitome of the human creative spirit. It represents the utmost ingenuity, personalization, and individualism of people. Each pizza is a person’s own little utopia. They choose whatever kind of pizza they want, regardless of what others are doing. You don’t need to be told what to get on your pizza. There are no top down orders when it comes to making your own pizza. The kitchen of a pizza place is the home of spontaneous order. It’s where people come together to engage in voluntary cooperation and choose exactly what the want on their pizza without rules or dictates about what they can order. And, just like the magic of a free society, the pizza place becomes a place where people make their own choices about their own pizza without reverence for authority.

Pizzatarianism is the idea that we should have fun while fighting for freedom. It’s the idea that liberty not just includes, but requires, fun .. Remember it and remember how fucking amazing human liberty really is.

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