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What’s Anarcho-Capitalism? — A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 402 with Ben Swann Talking to Lew Rockwell.:
What is Anarcho-Capitalism? It’s the view that — it’s also called the Non-Aggression Principle, the basis of Libertarianism — that it’s never legitimate to initiate violence or the threat of violence against the innocent. Of course, you’re going to use violence in defense of yourself, but you may never initiate and you can’t allow a government to do it, which, of course, is the great purveyor and initiator of violence in the whole world, is the U.S. government and other governments. An Anarchist would say that it is possible to have the free market provide the legitimate services that government provides. There aren’t many, of course, but there are some. They would be far more effective done in the market. Far better to have private police who treat you like a customer than government police who want to taser you and put you in a cage. That it’s just, from a practical standpoint, from a moral standpoint, that we don’t want this horrendous monopoly called the government. We don’t need it. We still need defense, we need police, that sort of thing, but these, again, can be provided far more efficiently and far more effectively, far more justly voluntarily in the market. We have the government, which is a monopoly. For example, it gets to decide how much of your money it’s going to take every year, whatever they’d like to take from you. And of course, Anarcho-Capitalists and Libertarians would argue that government activities have a different name. Taxation is actually theft. If it was done in the private sector, it’s theft. When it’s done by the government, oh, it’s taxation for public services. And conscription, the draft, is actually kidnapping and so forth. So you can go down the list. So everything the government does is illegitimate, even though they spend their time with huge propaganda in the government schools and through the government-friendly media and all their allies, who are getting some of the government dough, constantly telling us we have to have government for civilization. If we didn’t have government, why, we’d all be killing each other.

Well, of course, there’s too much killing going on, done by the government or by the government that can’t provide any help against crime. I’d like to see Obama, for example, get rid of the crime in the District of Columbia. It seems to me that’s an actual — it might be achievable. It’s in a small area — an achievable goal, rather than worrying about what’s going on in the Ukraine. But needless to say, they don’t care. They don’t care about crime because crime is against regular people. They only care about things that are done against the government, and then, of course, oh, my gosh, it’s the end of the world and it has to be stopped.

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